Kenji Liu’s writings / In Your Ear

If you enjoy poetry of exquisit tenderness, depth, history, memory, mourning, cultural heritages, and whimsy, pick up my friend Kenji Liu’s chapbook entitled: “You Left Without Your Shoes.’

Kenji was a colleague of mine in the Social Cultural Anthropology graduate program at California Institute of Integral Studies and one of my own works will be appearing in the forthcoming anthology that Kenji has edited entitled: In Your Ear: Selected Writings from Oakland Word.  There is a book release party on July 8, 2010 at the Oakland Public Library, 125, 14th Street in Oakland starting at 6pm.

You can visit his website and check out his Facebook and Twitter pages too, as well as going to the various sites where he has published articles that have been nominated for prestigious literary awards.

He is a Japan-born Taiwanese-Japanese American who was raised in New Jersey.  His literary themes encompass aspects of life we can all relate to in some manner, as well as deeply intimate with his cultural heritages and ancestors.


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