Arizona officer speaks out against SB1070

As some of you in the US may know, Arizona has been passing a series of laws that are anti-immigrant and racist. It is also important to remember that not all Arizonans, including those who work for the state or the law enforcement groups, are merely obedient and/or agree with these laws.

I was recently on a San Francisco bus (MUNI) and there was a stringent argument going on about this law. Those in favor of it outnumbered those who were against it! This is San Francisco! It is amazing, though, when you listen to people speak passionately about their beliefs, that those who believe in laws that discriminate against Latinos, or Japanese and Chinese-Americans, Asian others, LGBTQIQ people, the Irish, Jews, and any other marginalized identity in the United States, repeat lines and memes and quotes from television and the newspapers. “They are taking away our women, our jobs, our country,” and “they should just get the hell out of here” and “there are legal ways of getting to this country and if they didn’t follow the law they are criminals…..” – – – – – – – over and over ad-nauseum, through the course of history several times for almost every major step such as this that is publicized. We must do things that are not just about our immediate lives or that do not affect us just yet. They may in the future. Of course, some of you are reading this thinking I am a traitor to this country for writing this and even having this blog. I’ve heard it all. Justice does not look like THAT. Simply put, some people quickly perform, without it being hidden, the reality that some people apparently do not belong in whatever their imagination says is their ‘right’ or their ‘home’ or their ‘neighborhood’ or their ‘country.’ This is the legacy of boundaries and tribes, separations and competition, hatred and goodness combined. Put it blankly for now: Laws are not just. Laws are rules. Obedience and punishment, abuse and exclusion, majority and minority. It is then put into action and ‘enforced.’ Justice is nowhere. And for some, justice means that it’s a ‘dance between the right and the wrong, a perfect dance.” I’ve heard that bull in new age circles. Of course, it is usually uttered by the utterly privileged and disconnected, un-empathetic, uncaring and violent positions.

In some of the postings on public sites where this video is shown, you can read the comments. It’s not a surprise. “officers need to do their jobs and stop having their personal opinions….he should quit if he can’t enforce the law whatever it is.” It is very boring. Boring. Now if suddenly this person’s identity was the victim, he would not say that. But of course THAT would never happen. Why? Because………

Support boycotts and think of other ways to bring justice and equality to to itself.

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