‘Monologue’ – by Soleïman Adel Guémar

My friend Adel’s poem speaks to the experience of connection, love, understanding through the inexplainable experiences of exile, heartache, and loneliness.

He is living in Swansea, Wales, where he presently makes his living with the memory/experience of escaping from the dangers of being killed in his home country Algeria, for speaking about the Algerian state policies which lock freedom away and force its citizens to align with state notions and to restrict expressions toward liberation. As mentioned earlier, the human rights record of the present Algeria is abysmal. Journalists and creative artists, and others in Algeria, have had to live in exile in order to survive. In exile, he must live, always in a distant relation to a homeland that no longer exists except in memory, a compromised homeland, of violence and hopes.

His poem is entitled ‘Monologue.’ English translation below.


You just dont know all my sufferings
nor my craziest dreams nor my eyes
when I hide in order to weep
you don't know
the noise of boots in my head
nor the birds I set free
nor my smiles when trains go by
you don't know my voice at night
when I'm telling you about all this

you just know I love you

in "State of emergency", - Arc Publications, UK 2007 -
translated to English from French by: Tom Cheesman & John Goodby

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