Video Trailer: ”Tokyo Ainu 東京アイヌ”

The Ainu people are a people who have inhabited the northern regions of Japan and what might be called Russia by some, as well as the areas now disputed, between Japan and Russia.  The Ainu are a caucasian group who were, as per the everyday norm of today’s most well-known nations, displaced and killed (physically, or culturally/spiritually) and assimilated (which to me, are all forms of killing in some way), what nations do to those who are different to create a “majority.”

This new documentary focuses on the Ainu people who are living in Japanese cities.  In this documentary, the focus is on those living in Tokyo.

3 responses to “Video Trailer: ”Tokyo Ainu 東京アイヌ”

  1. Hi there, found your blog in passing.
    I am involved with the TOKYO Ainu film, and I noted that you mention the Ainu as a “caucasian group”. While this used to the theory, it has long been debunked and it is widely accepted that the Ainu are not caucasian.

    Personally, I am not so interested in their racial category or origins, but rather supporting their struggle to maintain their identity as a modern people living in present-day Japanese society. I think the film somewhat captures that idea.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I apologize for writing that the Ainu are a “Caucasian group.” I always believe that these labels and groupings are of colonial heritage, mostly European and American-originated and therefore CONTESTED. I might’ve been better off saying that the Ainu have “long been considered a Caucasian group by Western thinkers and categories but are now deeply contested.”

    I fully support your efforts and I hope to be able to see it here in San Francisco! Will there be a DVD?

  3. Hi, thanks for the reply. It is now widely accepted that the Ainu are “Mongoloid,” but that’s of course if you buy into those categorizations to begin with.

    There may be the possibility of producing DVDs of the film eventually, but for the time being they are focusing on holding screenings. If there is a film festival or you are interested in perhaps organizing a screeing, I can help put you in touch with the production committee and maybe even help you organize it myself (I am originally from the bay area).

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