Lauryn Hill – I Get Out

Lauryn Hill sings to freedom and anti-oppression.

My take on her great song and singing:    She sings to the institutions that are relentless in binding us to complacency and being normal or down;  She sings to the relationships that bind her down and keep her enslaved;  She sings to the ideas and imaginations that are limited; she sings to the emotions that disempower her anytime there is a chance of change and hope;  She sings to the depressions and misplaced anger that keep her inactive and immobile;  She sings to the comforts that distract her from her using her capacities for social justice and change; She sings to herself and those parts of her that have oppressed her self as well as others. She sings to the forces brought by people that oppress, kill, and bind us to believing that it is ‘natural’ this way.