Close Watch on My Professor & the Fight For Justice in this World

Some of you were kind enough to read my post entitled ‘Angana Chatterji and the Historical Present.’  Richard Shapiro the department head of the Social Cultural Anthropology program where I received my Masters’ Degree and continue to study, and the entire anthropology department here at California Institute of Integral Studies, are on edge as the events in Kashmir have heated up since the release of the People’s Tribunal in Indian-Administered Kashmir.  Professor Angana Chatterji is in Kashmir presently, as we speak, where the intensification of violence in the streets to resist state violence has escalated.  Professor Chatterji has been being followed closely by men with guns, plainclothed and uniformed police and paramilitary personnel.  There is curfew and the state militarized officials keep a close eye on the members of the Tribunal and their friends and supporters.  Angana and the tribunal members attended a press conference in Kashmir on the recent reports and ongoing research in Kashmir for justice.

We continually pray for her safety and the safety of all of the others working for justice in Kashmir and the present moment.

For further information, see article:

and please visit the tribunal’s update page here:

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